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grinding process. The enamel has to be finely ground in order to be applied to the article.




messy job...polishing the enamel.


firing of enamel in the kiln. The temp reaches a 1000 centigrade. Extreme care has to be taken.

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What is enamel? Enamel is a soft glass compound made up of various substances, including borax, silica, potash, and various metallic oxides which serve to produce the stunning colours that give body and depth and beauty to articles, be it jewellery or objet d art. At Frank Roberts we use traditional jewellery glass enamel and employ traditional methods. Our colours are hand ground and then applied to the work by hand. The enamel article is then fired in a kiln at high temperature so as to fuse the enamel to the metallic base, this is where a molecular bond takes place and ensures the enamel retains it's lustre. We take great pride in our work and be rest assured we always strive to produce a quality finish to the product.


Final polish.